Would you like to bet?

“Well, I don’t expect much.”

“If you go without expectation, it’s a good place.”

My friend has twisted me. My favorite destination is Balina Thailand.

Macau? There is a city of pleasure with casinos, shopping and luxury hotels.

“I booked my room to go alone anyway. You just come. What do you think?”

Sold up. Why we can’t travel freely. There is no money when there is time and there is no time when there is money. Exquisitely. And I have a lot of time these days and my account balance is getting humble. Don’t ask for a cheap flight and no room price?

As I got off at Macau Airport and waited for a taxi, I already learned what Macau is. Putting Ilsu bag on the side – Pouch bag is right for a pouch – men lived with people waiting for a taxi. We approached us and crossed our business cards. I couldn’t understand what I said.

“It’s the people who lend money.”

My friend whispered. Indeed, the world of occupation. I go to Macau and don’t know what to call them at 2 am at the airport at 2 am. Koreans live hard everywhere.

It was a taxi that was embarrassed in Macau, which was the right city with money. The taxi that I rode for three nights and four days was similar to me. He was the Las Vegas of the East and the night view of Macau was more frustrating than I thought. It is better to be gorgeous, and the night view of Seoul is better for Hong Kong. The hotel lobby is also a year old, from the reception to the elevator, and from the elevator to the room.

Entering the room and looking out the window, you can see the Eiffel Tower.

‘What is it childish.’

There’s no disappointment without expectation, but I think I had a vain expectation. I was so disappointed that I did it.

The next day, I got up late, ate, received a massage, and decided to go to the casino. It was grimy. I checked the entrance several times to get lost, and I decided to meet where to meet.

“Hey, you meet in front of Rolex.”

In the middle of the casino was a large Rolex store. If you earn money, you buy a clock one by one. I don’t even imagine how much and what game I can play to buy Rolex.

A friend turned the bill to the chip and found a black jek table. Stand behind the table in progress and explain the rules of the game. I don’t know if it’s a game that’s close to any number. Watching a friend for a while, I decide to get stuck in the game. I sit in an empty chair and watch. Signal with the dealer whether or not to get the card more by taping the table or stirping your hands in the air. The game progresses smoothly without language barriers. I picked up and lost. The chip I was holding was reduced in half. I’m nervous, my stomach hurts. A friend rises in a chair. The flow is not good, so let’s go to another table.

The people who play the game have been talking to us in Chinese. The Chinese people spoke to the first viewer. It was the same in the elevator and in the casino. In Korea, people who do not know what they say are to sell something. China looks a bit less bleak. Somehow, I think that Koreans live very hard for a while.

Two men with faces come to the table where we sit and play the game. Watch for a while and sit in a chair. Looking up close, it looks younger. Twenty years old? It is a face that seems to have barely passed the age to enter the casino. The color of the chip on the table is different. It is holding a large amount of chips. How much is that? The salary of big businesses is well seen. Would you like that with great luck? Or, just a gold spoon? Either way, I feel strange. No.

In the end, a friend lost all the money he changed to the chip at the table.

“We want to go out? Let’s go to another casino. ”

“Stop it. Didn’t you lose a lot? ”

“It’s like that. You have to lose it at first. ”

We decided to go to another casino. Yes, it’s your money. Your money spends your own way.

I took a taxi to Win Hotel Casino. Soon after, I lost everything. How much have you lost so far? It’s not my money, but it’s a waste of crazy.

If you are a country, you’ll live a month with that money. I keep thinking about one mana. Anyway, that’s not my money. Anyway, what do you mean, whether you are rooted in the road, whatever you buy, or gambling? However, while watching the yellow, black and red chips that the dealer sweeps on and between the table, 코인카지노 I can’t help me.

I entered the third casino. My friend focused on the game alone, and I decided to sit in front of the empty game machine. I can’t see it. No matter how much it is my money, I can’t see it. After about 30 minutes, my friend’s face is bright. In the end, the friend made up for all the lost money and paid about a million won. It’s not enough to buy Rolex, but he made a million won while playing for a few hours. I feel strange.

Where is the guts that will continue to play with the expectation that you can get a daughter in a situation where you have already lost a lot of money? What is the dangerous belief that my luck will come back, but what is it? People who enjoy gambling under the lights that are unavoidable time. It is strange that I do not understand the pleasure of those many people.

Eventually I returned to the hotel with the experience of “casino experience,” and a friend earned a million won. When I lost almost all, my friend’s hero story was excited about what he had won in a row or what it was.

It’s fortunate that you don’t lose it. If I lost it, I would have been very upset as I could do this and do that. It’s not my money anyway, but my stomach would have been painful.

The time we spent in the casino for three nights and four days was not long. I watched the performances that were so cool as the tears, ate delicious food, and received a massage. But somehow, the heterogeneity and empty bitter taste I felt in the casino remained intense enough to overwhelm all those experiences.

When I got off at Incheon International Airport, the species rang 12 o’clock and the magic disappeared. Beautiful dresses are rags, wagons, pumpkin, and wonderful words that attracted wagons into mice. When I danced with the prince at the palace, I disappeared and the ruined reality was waiting for me without moving at all. Similar people were waiting here to work here, who were washing the dishes at the convenience store, the kitchen, in front of the pork plates, in the kitchen, while receiving the minimum wage all night.

How fatally, dirty and tearful is the money thrown for a short fun. I don’t want to think, but I keep thinking.

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