The first “No.1 Race Queen” birth secret story of the first feat in history (Encount)

My dream is the opening ceremony at Berna Dome “I want to contribute to the local Tokorozawa”

Miyabi Kondo (28) won the “Race Queen of the Year 21-22” (hereafter: RQY), ​​which commends the most active race queen throughout the season. She, who grasped her second honor for her first history, talked to her about her racing queen and her future. (Interview / sentence = Akihiro Nakamura) [Photo] Miyabi Kondo became a race queen … 카지노 Mizutani Nozomi’s race queen -? “The trigger was Nozomi Mizutani, who appeared in the liquid crystal while hitting a slot (Miss Pachislorb). I had an image of “in the past, but for the first time, I knew that there was a race queen in this era. Anyway, Mr. Mizutani” I want to meet! ” I couldn’t meet, so I thought, “Can I meet if I do the same job?”, So I thought I’d do a race queen for that reason. So I auditioned. ” It has been started. Why did she start performing in performing arts? “I graduated from high school and entered a bridal vocational school. I was thinking of getting a job normally, but when I actually experienced my workplace, it became” different from the ideal “and said,” Bridal is. I was saying “What should I do?”, So I was dancing until I was 20 years old, but to the instructor at the school I was attending, “To be honest, it’s the same. It may not be possible. What if you are tall and what if you aim for a model or talent? ” “I met! I felt like” Super cute! Yaba! “But I was nervous and couldn’t talk to me. Ta “-The desire to meet Mr. Mizutani was just starting a race queen and won the RQY. “Yes (laughs), but I didn’t know the details of the race or the race queen, but I knew there was a prize called RQY from the first year. I didn’t say it around, but I had a hidden inside myself. ”

If you make a huge amount of efforts, you will not be a “genius” if you are not blessed with naturality!? (Photo: Fast & Slow / PixTa) Art, science, sports, business, and “geniuses” in various fields. Is that ability born naturally? Or your own efforts? Partially excerpted and reconstructed from “Yale University Popular Lecture Genius -Release Hidden Habits” “, which is partially excerpted, reconstructed and introduced in all three times. The first “Genius is born” and “Efforts of the person?” Eternal controversy (distributed on August 28) We will deliver the last episode following). [Illustration] What are the characteristics of a good person? ■ There is a limit to effort, and there is a little joke here. A young musician arrived in New York and asked without thinking deeply. He said, “How do I 킹덤슬롯 go to the carnegie hall?” Then the answer was “Practice!” I tried it, but it didn’t work. Effort is also limited. My music education began at the age of four. At first, I learned from a friendly Ted Brown teacher on the upright piano “Acro Sonic”. In less than six years, the piano advanced to the Baldwin Grand Piano, and the teacher began to learn from one of the leading teachers in Washington DC. To become a concert pianist -My goal was to be the next Van Cliver -I entered a famous Eastman Music School and graduated. Did you practice for about 18,000 hours by the age of 22? But as a concert pianist, I knew I couldn’t make money. I was advantageous in everything. Hands are big, fingers are thin and long. I also took the best lessons. The consciousness of working is also high. However, I had only one lacked. An excellent talent for music. Certainly, he was talented. However, it does not mean that the sound is so good, nor is the ability to memorize the melody. If you hear the sound, your hands will move automatically. There was nothing extraordinary.