“The total damage of 6.2 billion” MLM “is arrested 15 people (35) Akiko Yoshioka (32)

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Investigating the actual situation of the MLM, 15 people arrested 6.2 billion yen

The arrested was 15 men and women, including Yuuki Armad (35).

The “MLM” Group ERA is suspected of having 코인카지노 signed a MLM, without issuing the necessary documents, saying, “Introducing the net casino to get a reward.”

The gold that the Uritari was gathered from all over the country is more than 6.2 billion yen. An executive of the MLM group was arrested by the police.

She was arrested by Akiko Yoshioka (32) of Imaizumi, Chuo -ku, Fukuoka City.

The group is a recruitment activity mainly for young people in their early twenties in Fukuoka and Osaka


Total damage 6.2 billion yen

I collected well.


● The collected amount of 6.2 billion yen or more is the victims of the MLM

The arrested was 15 men and women, including Yuuki Armad (35).

“If you introduce an online casino, you will get a reward,” he is suspected of signed a MLM.

The gold that the Uritari was gathered from all over the country is more than 6.2 billion yen.

That trick is …

Actual solicitation message “70,000 to 100,000 or main business level”, “If you are banned from side jobs, this job is also working!”

According to the affected man, the clogs demanded when contracting.

Victim “I paid 750,000 yen for the first time. It is a system fee for working. I paid it in a form of borrowing from consumer finance because the savings at that time were not enough.”

Later, the man participated in a workshop that gathered contractors.

So the cuts were showing …

Victim “I was flickering to wear flashy clothes and like a flashy life.”

Police are not clarifying the cut or not, but is conducting an investigation, assuming that they are guilty.

Kansai TV 9/21 (Wed) 19:33

● Did you collect more than 6 billion yen in the arrest of a woman from an executive of the “MLM”?

An executive of the MLM was arrested by the police for illegally soliciting young people in the “Story” to advertise online casinos.

Arrested by Akiko Yoshioka (32) of Imaizumi, Chuo -ku, Fukuoka City.

According to the police, Yoshioka is an executive of the “MLM” Group ERA, who will be able to get a referral fee by increasing the number of overseas online casinos, and invites men in Chikushino City, Fukuoka Prefecture last August. There is a suspicion of explaining a lie when you do.

The group explained that the group was over 200,000 yen at the time of joining, and even though the cooling -off period was actually 20 days, it would be 15 days, saying that “Cyprus law is applied”. It means that you were.

The group has been recruiting in Fukuoka and Osaka, mainly young people in their early twenties, and is expected to have attracted about 6.2 billion yen from 15,000 people since June last year.

9/21 (Wednesday) 9: 22fbs Fukuoka Broadcasting

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