Chapter 07 Vinyl Bags on Roadside

Sishi, Damdam, August 22

Chapter 07 The plastic bag on the side of the road

“Everyone all came well. This is ㅇㅇㅇ ~ !!”

The guide welcomed us by talking about this sentence, which would have been quite fun to say that it was very fun.

It was when I traveled to Southeast Asia several years ago.

The guide welcomed tourists, but briefly introduced the history and present of the country on the first bus on the first day.

One of the most memorable thing was that the natural scenery there was very beautiful and people were kind and innocent.

So if you had a chance, it was recommended to travel backpacking from the south to the north.

He said that he traveled like that, and the beauty and magnificence I saw at that time were really unforgettable.

But he also talked a little negative.

It was an underdeveloped environment.

Most of the houses they saw while passing by the buses were roughly built by cement and boards, and there were few places that were properly packaged.

The guide is called ‘garbage’ that looks most prominent when compared to Korea.

In the place without a proper collection environment, it is common for people to abandon garbage on the roadside or vacant lot.

At the same time, the city and the famous tourist destinations are a little better, but they said that they are garbage.

I took a tour of the sightseeing bus was not much different from the guide’s explanation.

There was no different place where people were concentrated, but if you get out of it, you can find the trash that has been thrown away everywhere.

But is it the only place?

Because it’s underdeveloped?

Is Korea a clean place?

There is no difference here.

The difference between the buildings around is a bit well built, but it’s not much different here.

If you convert Korea’s solid buildings into shabby buildings, it’s probably hard to distinguish here and there.

Or maybe if you have a systematic collection system, if you have added it more than it, you won’t be less.

As I drove today, I saw a large, thick 코인카지노 black plastic bag in the center of the second lane, climbing the interchae.

The plastic bag was round and rich enough to see that it was full of contents even if I pretended to be full of contents.

How well the knot was tied up again.

As there is a saying that seats make people, things are so.

If the plastic bag was on the center of the bank safe, on the table of the casino, or at the secret room of a secret fairy house, I would have been convinced that it would have been quite worth it.

Sadly, however, the plastic bag was placed on the two -way roads on the car -only road where people did not attend.

It would not have been there with my feet.

That would not have been left behind in the sky.

No, if you are Zeus, it will be.

You may have left it on the ground to sneak in order not to see it after blinking the collection of the separation that Hera asked.

But this is where people live.

Isn’t it the real world where only our human beings live?

Perhaps for some reason anyone knows it, the trash was left there.

It would not have been long since the bag would not burst.

If you drive on the road while driving, you can see such garbage.

It is boring to throw away the cigarette butts, and you can see it once you throw away paper cups, cans and disposable containers in a secluded place.

And where people’s traffic is a little bit of traffic, the trash is thoroughly abandoned.

Even if you go to a secluded place on the national road, you can find it easily.

I don’t know, but even though they are cleaning the road regularly, such garbage does not show signs of decreasing.

Perhaps a person who throws it knows that the action is wrong.

And if it is known, you will know that you will be quite shy.

I’m ashamed, but I also abandoned the garbage.

In fact, I confessed that a few days ago, the takeout cup I ate was a little secret at the corner of the stop.

I know who will be removed.

And I know that ‘who is not’ or ‘I’.

There is no garbage bin at home, nor is there without a pay -as -you -go bag.

There is no recycling ground.

I was just a little complicated at that time and I wanted to buy one more coffee. I thought, ‘I don’t know,’ and left a blank cup at the stop.

I really apologize for the behavior and promise not to do the same thing to everyone who reads this.

As it becomes summer and tourist iron, it is often seen that tourist attractions are ‘suffering from garbage’ in news and articles.

It’s only summer.

There are traces where people have passed.

Since modern society is a subdivided society, there are various jobs and roles.

And among them, there is also a role in cleaning people’s cleaning.

However, there is a role that role is.

You may inadvertently throw away garbage, or you may unintentionally throw away the garbage.

But if it expands to the garbage or the garbage of the family, it’s different.

It is never a good thing to meet garbage at places such as roadside, tourist destinations, and rare trails.

Anyone who sees it will feel unpleasant for a while.

And we know that it is wrong and embarrassing to sneak the garbage because it feels like that.

It is not to write this story to criticize advanced citizenship or people’s conduct.

However, if the traces of the place we have passed are garbage, it is a writing.

It’s hard for me to have a fragrance left, but at least it’s easier than that.

Hong Kong Market Overview on the 5th: Hansen 1.2 % cheaper 3 days continuously, reduced by energy stock higher

The Hong Kong Market on the 5th of the week, the Hansen Index, which consists of 73 major stocks, is 226.39 points (1.16 %) from the previous business day (1.16 %), 19225.70 points, the mainland stock index consisting of mainland company shares (formerly H stock index (formerly H stock index (formerly H stock index)). ) Is 94.89 points (1.42 %), which is 6577.53 points, and fell three days. The trading value is 98,444.5 million Hong Kong (Hong Kong Kong Kong Kong on the 2nd on the 2nd).

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