Imjin War 2. Northeast Asia situation


In 1492, Columbus arrived at the West Indian Islands, and Magellan sailed through the Magellan Strait at the southern end of South America and sailed in the Pacific Ocean and arrived in the Philippines in 1521. As such, the 15th and 16th centuries were the beginning of the ages where Westerners went on a boat and visited the unknown world.

On August 25, 1543, a Chinese ship drifted in the small island of Tanegashima, south of Kyushu. At this time, a Portugal was riding. They introduced a gun to Tokidaka, the lord of the lord of the island. Seeing the power of the crushing shells from the distance 50, he paid an expensive price and bought a gun. At the age of 16, he studied how to disassemble and produce the guns and learned how to manufacture gunpowder.

By the time the gun was in, Japan was caught up in the phone due to the fighting of the daimyo. Since the Shogun’s power has weakened since Onin in 1467, daimyo around the country began to fight each other over the great power. It was the beginning of the Sengoku period (1467-1590). In 1575, the Allied Tokugawa Tokugawa, Oda Nobunagawa, battle with the army of Takeda Katsu cuisine in Nagasino, the former armed with a gun and the latter used the bow. Allied forces have overwhelmed. *The 코인카지노 gun gun is Japanese in Japanese, but the word Mujukpo is a word that means that it is recklessly dumped.

Oda Nobunaga almost unified Japan in the middle of the 16th century with the power of the gun gun. But he was killed by his subordinates. Oda’s Chungbok Haba (Toyotomi) Hideyoshi attacked Akechi Midhide and killed. Hashiba Hideyoshi, a lower samurai, was poor enough to make a living on the street. He became Oda’s subordinate, and he completely obeyed all kinds of bad things to gain the trust of Oda. Finally he succeeded him.

Hiba Hideyoshi, Hiba Hideyoshi, built Osaka Castle in 1583, and in 1584, he unified the Japanese world by reconciling with Tokugawa. In 1585, the Emperor sealed him in a hundred and gave him a castle called Toyotomi in 1586. Toyotomi Hideyoshi conquered the Shimazu forces of Satsuma in 1587 and finally surrendered the family to finish the final finish of unification.

The samurai were very busy while splitting into 60 times and fought over 100 years. But when the war was over, samurai had no complaints. Toyotomi, a humble origin, also needed to prove his greatness.

He always listened to the ambition for continental conquest from the old boss Oda, and he added a plan to conquer the Ming Dynasty.

It started to be thick. He is like a habit of letting his mother spend summer vacation in the Ming Dynasty.

I used to say


While Japan was over 100 years of civil war, Joseon was appearing as a new conservative forces by challenging the Hun -gu, who was buried in the Ya.

The ninth king of Korea was reigned from 1469 to 1494. This is the early days of the Japanese Sengoku era.

It was a time when the relationship with Japan was lost as Joseon returned from Tsushima due to the seasons.

Joseon was a world of founding members. Many lands and nobi were lowered to form a vested interest in the new country. They are called Hun -gu. Meanwhile, there were international scholars with the origin in the moderators of Jung Mong -ju, unique, and Giljae. They were buried in Ya and were immersed in academic research and education. They preferred the method of rule centered on Hyangchon -based rule based on the kingship.

After Sejo’s anti -government, Hun -gu’s concentration of power was prominent. Sejo’s power of power, which has no cause, was naturally forced to rely on the administration of the national affairs to a few of the king. The relationship between the huge land obtained from the rice paddy and the royal family, which was woven by marriage, formed a power layer that no one could overcome.

The power of the absence of power has affected Hyangchon landowners. Seongjong also could not see the tyranny of the Hun -gu. Seongjong began to recruit Sarim pans. Finally, the Hungu and the Sarim Wave’s power disputes began. Salims will be gained after the death of the Muohwa, the sudden death of the operation, the strange description of the mid -term, and the time of Myeongjong. “Hwa -hwa” means the “Tue” of the Sarim. The case of Hun -gu’s trying to eliminate the Sarim is a story. It means that the rigid Sarim wave, who was rebelled against the Huguist who tried to fill his desire without thinking about the future of the people and the state, was unhappy.

In the ancestor era of the Imjin War, the Confucianism blossomed. It was a time when Lee (Lee Yulgok) and Lee Hwang (Toegye) were active. The ancestors who were the best masters of the Joseon Dynasty will enjoy discussing their studies with their servants. It was really a favorite world for the Salims. Unfortunately, the Sarim wave split into two. It was the beginning of the party.

Seoin was a young man, such as Yun Doo -soo and Jung Chul, and Dong -in was young people such as Yoo Sung -ryong and Kim Sung -il. At that time, the coordination was dominated by Dongin.

Likewise, Japan was a country of warrior and Joseon was a country of scholarship. Was war not a way to get up when the balance of power is broken? The difference in military power between the two countries was clear.

Ming Dynasty

The Ming Dynasty’s alliance was in a kind of political strike. I did not take care of the affairs. The officials did politics

Corruption was prevalent. The teacher of the full -time agent was a jangjangjang. He was so strict that he was afraid of him. And all of his words believed and followed. In particular, he emphasized to be frugal. Then Jang Geo -jeong

It has been revealed that a large amount of fraudulent is made. It was a Cheongcheon wall for the full power. He is in realism

I did not take care of the affairs.

During the commission, three generations were occurring around the Ming Dynasty. In Paju, the southwest mountainous zone, the eggs of the royalty (1591-1600), the northern Mongolian region (1592), and the Imjin War (1592-1598) in Joseon were bothering the Ming Dynasty.

Since its founding, Joseon has adopted four majorism and has established a military relationship with Ming. The king of Joseon was a system that received a book from the Ming Dynasty and offered a tribute. When Joseon visited Beijing with one, Ming gave three to Joseon. The Ming Dynasty was also borne by the cost of staying and transporting goods. The name did not interfere with the internal affairs of Joseon. Joseon believed that people would help when they were invaded by external. In other words, the military relationship also meant that Ming would take on the defense of Joseon.

Japan and the Ming were not a military relationship. Japan struggled to get permission for tribute, but only once every 10 years. In 1547, however, the Japanese banned Japan’s entry into the tribute. Naturally, the Korean War was in the Ming Port. Japan has asked Joseon many times to give the Ming to the Ming Dynasty, but Joseon rejected it. Japan was able to trade with the Ming Dynasty through Macau.

The international order of Northeast Asia is the first country, the first country, the second country, and Japan is the third place. Joseon

I always had pride of Japan.





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