There were many challenges for summer vacation, but August is over. Good grief.


This super quiet square is … Ebisu Garden Place. Mitsukoshi is also closed and Galan. On the bench, people in the nearby office are lunch. a bit lonely. Watching a movie at the Garden Cinema, tea in a cafe in Mitsukoshi, and sometimes went to the Photography Museum. The Christmas season is a Baccarat Christmas tree. It was one of my favorite places, but it was a space left behind the times.

I got tired of my own cooking and had a lunch I ate at 바카라카지노 the cafe in Ebisu. Taiwanese Pako rice. was delicious. Eat with persimmon vinegar.


On July 13, the Casio Computer launched the “XD-SX2000” that can be used for a long time from elementary school students as a new model of the electronic dictionary “EX-WORD” at the CASIO Online Store. The price is 20,000 yen. The XD-SX2000 is a new electronic dictionary that corresponds to customization according to the change in the life stage. It contains 25 content that are useful for learning from elementary and junior high schools, such as “Examples Learning Japanese Dictionary 10 Edition”, “Kids Crown English -Japanese Dictionary”, “Kikutan Kids”, and “Elementary School Encyclopedia Japonica New Edition”. Since the main unit is equipped with a memory of about 900MB, it can be added as needed, and can be used for a long time by downloading additional content according to the change in the life stage. In addition, pack content 온라인바카라 that combines content such as Japanese language and English dictionaries that are useful after going to junior high school, and content such as science and social glossaries has been released, and the combination of pack content can be selected from multiple patterns according to the learning environment. The main unit is equipped with a 5.7 -inch LCD display (resolution 864 x 480) and a memory of about 900MB, and is equipped with a microSDHC card slot. Compatible wireless communication is IEEE802.11b/g/n. The power supply is a single 3 -type alkaline battery or a single 3 -type charging battery (eneloop/rechargeable Evolta) x 2. The size is 157.5 x 18.4 x 101.0mm in depth, and weighs about 290g. In addition, from July 13 to September 30, a questionnaire campaign to investigate the purpose of use of the electronic dictionary in conjunction with the release of the XD-SX2000 will be conducted, and those who responded will be at the CASIO online store. Discount discount coupons that can be used when purchasing XD-SX2000.