Tourism Management Department, what is the future view?

Recently, many students want to major in tourism management. Is it because of the splendor? Is it because of the hope of going around the world? Anyway, there are many majors in this category. Recently, the world travel industry has been hit hard because of Corona, but it is expected to be normalized soon.

Tourism and travel management majors learn how to manage tourism and travel -related businesses. They do what they do include travel agency management, travel plans, conventions and events, and study industrial law study. Hotel management is a bit different.

Until the 1820s, the ships from the oceans carried most of the products and mails, not the passengers. Much later, the cruise industry began to retire when the air trip crossing the Atlantic Airlines became generalized and continued to maintain it. But in the 1960s, the Caribbean holiday cruise ship (cruise) began to appear, which is still popular today. As I explained earlier, the travel industry was hit hard by Corona. But it will not be so stagnant forever.

Tourism majors can work in the world’s largest travel industry. Students with this degree are in charge of hotels, resorts, food service operations, cruise ships, clubs, cultural and recreational tourist attractions, conventions and visitors, and tourism development agencies. After learning this process at the university, students who have toured tourism find their lives in their trips.

Tourism majors do this.
• Sustainable sightseeing
• Leadership and professional development
• Heritage and cultural tourism

■ Things to do for 10 grades to apply for US universities

■ Universities with famous majors

▶ Arizona State University

At the end of this degree at the Arizona State University in Tempe, students will have a sound theoretical understanding of tourism comprehensive research. This is the economic, ecological and sociocultural impacts of knowledge related to the growth and development of global tourism in terms 크레이지슬롯 of historical, spatial and economic aspects, economic, ecological and sociocultural impacts of developing countries and developing countries, and diving tourism products, general product development, service provision, consumption of consumption. The system is included. In the domestic and international market sectors, the program includes a regional and global perspective of tourism research.

▶ Brigham Young University-Hawaii

Brigham Young University-Hawaii’s tourism program applies the general principles of business, management, and advanced management core to specific industries. The close ties with the Polynesian Cultural Center (PCC) provide students with a unique opportunity to study and analyze one of the most successful tourist attractions in the world.

In order to earn a bachelor’s degree, students complete the department mini -core, then pursue program tracks in hospital management and tourism management. This program applies general business principles to a specific industry, and students are functional, that is, operations, finance, marketing or human resources. Select the area.

■ Employment opportunities
• Tourism Administration Management
• Tourism Development Institution
• Resorts
• Casino
• hotel
• Travel agency
• marketing

■ Did you know?

Mark Twain’s humorous book Innocents Abroad tells the story of the first Atlantic Travel from the US coast in 1867.

■ Look at this when choosing a university

Are professors actively participating in the travel and tourism industry?

What kind of learning learning is this program?

Will that program help you find your job after graduation?

What are the recent graduates doing?

■ Learning in college majors

I will do an internship process before graduation. You can also learn how to make a trip for your customers at a travel agency. Visitors can also help tourists with information on popular attractions. Or you will learn how to help travelers who sail while working on a cruise ship. This is a good opportunity to apply the theory learned on campus to the real site.

■ TOP 15 TOURISM Management School

1. New York University

Located in New York City, New York

2. George Washington University

Located in Washington, District of Columbia

3. University of South Carolina Columbia

Located in Columbia, South Carolina

4. Texas A & M University College Station

Located in College Station, Texas

5. DREXEL University

Located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

6. University of Hawaii

Located in Honolulu, hawaii

7. Florida International University

Located in miami, florida

8. George Mason University

Located in Fairfax, Virginia

9. Rochester Institute of Technology

Located in Rochester, New York

10. Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis

Located in Indianapolis, Indiana

11. Suny College

Located in Platsburgh, New York

12. Florida Gulf Coast University

Located in Fort Myers, Florida

13. Saint Cloud State University

Located in Saint Cloud, Minnesota

14. Widener University

Located in Chester, Pennsylvania

15. Ferris State University

Located in Big Rapids, Michigan

There are many universities that are familiar to us. These are majors that can be thought of with hotel management. This major is not very difficult, and it is not complicated to prepare. Many of these universities can apply for internal and TOEFL without SAT.

■ Future Education Research Institute Selection Consulting

The Future Education Research Institute offers major exploration consulting for students entering university. In addition to career aptitude tests, students check their favorite fields and organize roadmaps.

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