Pursuing freedom of faith, Catholic

It is passing by at the end of December 2021. At the end of the year, I would like to ask questions about 2021. Who is the UNESCO world commemorative person this year? First, I’ll give you a hint. First, we were born in 1821 and celebrated its 200th anniversary this year. Second, I was born in Dangjin, Chungnam. Third, there is a girder memorial hall in Yongsu -gu, the end of the Jeju Olle 12 course. Fourth, he is the first bride in Korean history and is one of Korea’s 103rd martyrs. At this point, I think there are a lot of people. This is Kim Dae -gun.

After passing through the beautiful rhin, you can see the Bora Colavi Field, and the St. Kim Dae -gun, a priest, and St. When I entered the memorial hall, I was very embarrassed because there was no man, but I started to look around. I don’t accept admission, but I’m receiving offerings, and Catholic items are also sold on the first floor. In addition, the field of the field was also sold to cover the operating cost of the memorial. Although I am not a Catholic, I use the facilities here, so I started to see the first floor with some offerings.

On the first floor there were various torture equipment. The first Catholic, which first came into the concept of Western studies called books, gradually beyond academics and began to be accepted as a ideology of religion. A typical example is that Yoon Ji -chung burned his mother’s plaque in 1791. Burning the plaque was the act of shaking the ideological basis of the Joseon of Confucianism, which caused a big response, and in 1791, the New Sea will be held. Catholics, who have already been stigmatized by the Korean government’s foundation for the foundation of the state, have to suffer a lot of persecution until they are recognized for Catholic mission through the Treaty of Treaty, in 1886 and guaranteed the safety of Catholics. I did. Advisors were often used when they were persecuted. Father Kim Dae -gun also lost his life at a twenty -six young age in his persecution. Now it’s time to find out his short but thick life that he has been at the forefront of Catholic mission and has tried to gain freedom of faith.

Father Kim Dae -gun’s family has believed in Catholics since the end of the 18th century. No one believed in Catholicism, from his great -grandfather to his grandfather to his father. His great -grandfather Kim Jin -hoo was martyred in 1814 Hami (now Hami -myeon, Seosan -si, Chungcheongnam -do). In this situation, Kim Dae -gun was born in 1821 in Solmo, Chungnam (now Songsan -ri, Uwang -myeon, Dangjin -gun, Chungnam). Kim Dae -gun’s family believed in Catholic, so the government had already knew it, and it was until 1827 that it was possible to settle in the Gyeonggi Yongin Golba -sil, where the members of the church gathered and lived. In July 1836, he was baptized by the Father, and he left Seoul on December 3, 1836, and arrived in Macau on June 7, after leaving Seoul on December 3, 1836. After studying theology, he tried to return home from Manchuria from 1842 to 1844, but failed. As he stayed in Manchuria, he received subtitles in December 1844 and returned to Korea on January 1, 1845. He is a missionary work in Joseon, where he arrived in a difficult arrival. He bought a ship in Seoul on April 30, 1845, and sailed to Jemulpo with Korean classmates and arrived in Shanghai in June of the same year. And on August 17, 1845, he received the first priesthood order. Father Kim Dae -gun, who became a priest, climbed to Chosun on Lafael on August 31, 1845. He meets the storm and arrives at the coast of Jeju Yongsuri after 20 days of drifting. Afterwards, he went to Seoul and worked to pioneer the entry of missionaries, but he was eventually arrested and martyred at the Saeman Place in Seoul on September 16, 1846.

Father Kim Dae -gun was a devout Catholic, as shown in the above life. He was also an intellectual who accepted advanced literature beyond religious people. He also translated the world map of the UK in prison by the demands of the coordination, creating two world maps and compiling geography. His knowledge and talent continued to appease him, but eventually he chose to leave this world to gain eternal glory. Beyond the first bride of the Koreans, his death, an advanced intellectual, is a pity.

I’m not a Catholic believer, but I don’t really think that I’m holy about his life. However, it is amazing that he devoted his entire long life to realize his beliefs and faith. I think that the effort and commitment to doing something that he believed that he was right, he left the name Kim Dae -gun in history. The words he continued in prison before death made him encounter his strong beliefs.

“Once you die and die, people are inevitable. It is my wish to die for the heavens, so if you ask today and ask tomorrow, it is just like this, and even if you hit and kill it, please hit it quickly. ”

In 1845, Kim Dae -gun first visited Jeju before arriving in Yongsu -gu. This is Hwang Sa -young’s wife, Hwang Sa -young, who caused the “Hwang Sa -young White Paper incident” with his name in history. First, let’s briefly explain the Hwang Sa -young white paper case. As the New Year’s Sea occurred in 1801, when many Catholics, including the Qing Dynasty, died, Hwang Sa -young sent a letter to the French bishop in Beijing. The letter went to the bishop, but this fact was caught, and all of them were arrested and executed and Catholicism was further oppressed. The white paper is currently stored in the Vatican.

After his husband became a high -prisoner and executed, his family returned to different places. Hwang Sa -young’s mother, Lee Yun -hye, who was a newborn baby, went to Geoje -ro, his son Hwang Kyung -han, and his wife, Jung Nan -ju. The fact that all families, including newborn babies, returned to the island, indirectly showed that the government’s perception of the Catholicism was very bad. In any case, Jung Nan -ju arrived in her Chuzado and arrived in Jeju Island, and she could not escape Jeju Island until her death in 1838. She helped her people around her with her learning and culture during her more than 30 years of Jeju Island, and her inhabitants contained her heart that respected her. It was called.

Her trunteer memorial was a copy of the Gulgae letter that delivered the news she died to her son Hwang Kyung -han. There was nothing special about the content, but I was wondering how Hwang Kyung -han’s heart was received. The son of the son who received the death of her mother, who had never seen it, was not counted. It is still unforgettable to see this letter and this letter, which is now the Holy Land, and when we faced his tombs in the 18-1 Course Chuado. The loneliness that comes out of the tombs that are good at good weather. It would not have been full of loneliness in his life, but the emptiness felt when I thought of my mother’s arms that I didn’t remember would not have been separated from his life. Only the strong winds of Chujado were blowing to fill the loneliness and emptiness felt in the tomb.

In 1886, after the signing of the Treaty of Treaty, the Treaty of Treaty, in 1899, a full -fledged mission was made in Jeju Island. However, the beautiful efforts of many who have worked hard to gain freedom of religion disappear from the memory of the people of the Catholics. This is because one of the biggest causes of civilians in 1901, called new or new teaching or Lee Jae -soo, was Catholic. Some Catholics have been working with the officials since 1899 and began to exploit the people. The exploitation under the name of mission was enough to buy backlash from the people of Jeju people. Also, for the French brides who believe in only the only gods, the 18,000 gods of Jeju were demons and Satan itself. He destroyed the new wood and shrines who thought that the native gods of Jeju were in place, and established the cathedral with the materials. Naturally, these evils have led to the anger of Jeju and new crowns have occurred. There are some Catholics who have died in the process of Minran, but the causes of the civilians are obviously in many Catholics who showed their greed and showing their attitudes of not understanding other cultures. In the Gunn Memorial Hall, there is 더존카지노 an article stating that the cause of this new crown is on the Catholic side, and now it is now seen that this mistake is now reflected in the Catholic side.

After a myriad of trials and errors, Catholics were successful in Jeju Island. It is a fact that you can see from the cathedral all over Jeju, starting with the Hannon Cathedral on the 7-1 course. The only Catholic Catholic, which is located in Jeju Island, where 18,000 gods are settled, have succeeded in gaining freedom of faith. After being freedom, he made a mistake, but now he reflects on the mistake and is pursuing coexistence. Many Catholics, including Father Kim Dae -gun, who tried to gain freedom of faith by seeing the Catholics who coexist and interact with many others in a world where they can believe in God now, are probably looking at Jeju Island from heaven. I think there will be.

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Ashura Aura Handling CRT Demon

Let’s make ヽ ( ̄ ▽  ̄) ノ


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🔴 The way of fighting has finally become stable.

[Before battle]

① Destruction person (single shot) launch

② Recover the reduced MP with charge (one shot) & maximizer (one shot).

③ Ashura aura boot (single shot)

【Combat start】

① Nemesis launch combo

Ad -lib → Nemesis → Conbo Chance

② Put the normal attack 3 seconds and the nemesis count to 20

Charge and prepare to launch.

③ Brave aura (single shot)

④ Recover the reduced MP with charge (one shot) & maximizer (one shot).

⑤ Priere combo

Impact → Priere → Conbo Chance

⑥Nemesis launch combo

Ad -lib → Nemesis → Conbo Chance

Or, for a hard enemy

Fall → Nemesis → Congo Chansel

⑦ 〆 Fina combo

Respiratory → Finau → Condibelt

⑧ Ashura Aura OFF

⑨ Recover the reduced MP with charge (one shot) & maximizer (one shot).

✳️ Repeat the above ③ to ⑨ until the enemy falls.

Then ヽ ( ̄ ▽  ̄) ノ

Because it was strengthened with attribute weapons

Silei battle again

🔴 The status has been changed for a long time.

🔴 9 Total damage is about 465.7,000.

465.7,000 damage ÷ 9 shots = 1 shot average 517,000.

One shot average 517,000 x total 18 shots = Damage about 9.3 million

10 million a little later. Unfortunately (No_ <.) 🔴 If you have 75%critical equipment with additional equipment, or 65%of critical equipment with special equipment, you can change the Curia Suddress with a critical rate of 100%from the body equipment to properties armor, so you can increase the damage a little later. Silay and blur misses can be done a lot It’s fun (*´ω `*) 🔴 Very important Speaking of which, when Nemesis is activated, a huge white magic circle is drawn on the floor. If the boss goes out of the white magic circle during the damage, Nemesis will be forcibly terminated during the fire. In the case of an enemy who travels super long distances such as Zaibio, after activating Nemesis, when the boss runs far away, even if you catch up and attack Ashura, the count of Nemesis does not stop. The char -count will be cut off. 🔴 Buff Combo. In addition to this, there are two brave aura that cannot be incorporated into the combo. Impact → Priere → Condibello -fuzy breathing method → ​​Finau → Conbo Chance Horgeo. Todome’s Finau hit the boss only 2.17 million damage, and the other damage was the damage to the surrounding small fish. 🔴 Two people with NPC with your own wall character. There are two skills set on this NPC: fear and fall. Breaker up → Charging → Maximizer → Ashura aura start → Nemesis boot combo → Brave aura → Priere combo → 〆 fall & nemesis combo. Nemesis in the first half of the video seems to have the effect of destruction, as shown in the impact → Priere → Congo Cancellation Video. The brave aura was turned off due to damage in the middle stage, and the effect of the destruction was over, so the damage of Nemesis dropped and 80,000 units. Was Priere working at this time? To clear hard mode in solo, you can do Nemesis and Finau once and do 2 million damage, so if you do it 10 times, you can defeat 20 million damage. I can’t do such a long battle because I’m so tired. It is good to defeat everyone! Nemesis starts with the first activation and starts a char -count, and if you attack Ashura’s normal attack, the count is 20 and the maximum is 20. Then activate Nemesis and fire again. If the boss dashes a long distance after Nemesis is activated, it seems that Nemesis’s char -count stops there. The countermeasures are Nemesis if you do not move in a long distance in the middle of 46 o’clock. The stronger the boss, the more difficult to shoot the moles of the wall role, so it will be difficult to keep the boss from moving to the spot at all times. Zivio seems to be hard in defense, in addition to the boss that travels very well. 🔴 First of all, without granting the fall, Nemesis with Brave Aura and Priere. Oh? The average is 250,000, so it’s not a very hard. I thought it was about 70,000 per shot (; ¬_¬) Meteorain is the skill name when the fall is used as a fire attribute. If you activate Nemesis as soon as you start activating the fall (Meteorain), the log will be disturbed as shown below. 5 seconds where the “destruction” of the fall is granted? Nemesis is fired six shots. Since the damage is over 600,000, 12 out of 18 shots cannot be destroyed. It is a way to put a one -shot fall twice immediately after the fall → Nemesis combo. Well, I’m glad that other skills can be activated during 18 consecutive firing Nemesis (*´ ー `*). “Meetialite” is the skill name when a fall is used as a light attribute. Something Nemesis 23 was released. Did you put the fall in the combo? ? ? Mystery. (2) Destruction person & Ashla aura & Brave aura & Priere’s status when using and normal attack damage HP11000 HP11000 (*´ ー `*) MP 95%or more and 95%of Damage Cut is also buffed. When the MP was reduced at a stretch, the defense power was linked to the paper (returned to normal defense), so 핸드폰카지노 it was noticeable that inadvertently died due to the size of the disparity. However, if I tried to fight without using the attack buff Priere and Brave Aura, the period when the remaining MP dropped sharply disappeared, and I felt that the feeling of defense could be unknowingly grasped. Even better, you can feel that if you don’t buff, your attack efficiency will be clearly better. Since the brave aura that ends with one damage is not used, it can be a melee attacker with a medium distance and sometimes a wall role. Although it is a wall role, it has no hate ability, so it maintains hate as much as possible with a raging firepower. Naturally, there is no obstruction skill, but it covers it in a short time. In the first place, it is often mistaken for a wall role just because it is equipped with a handle (*゚ д ゚*) Well, if you can make a mistake, you can try the wall role Modoki! First Attack → Nemesis for Baking → Nemesis Charge Normal Attack with high defense, 3 seconds charge in the thorns → 〆 Fall & Nemesis, even without buff, it is 700 to 8 million damage in total, so it is cut off a lot. Buramith’s website is ready for the bow’s cross -fire! Ga! It decreased comfortably, and ascended without hesitation. 🔴。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。 The counter displays 0%to MAX200%in percent display. Is it 1 second 1%up over time? It goes up automatically. However, if you activate the art -type burst once, it will increase+50%at a stretch. MAX 200%with 4 bursts. The counter did not rise in Ashura’s normal attack like Nemesis. The activation of the art -type burst is about 3.5 seconds per shot and the MP500 is consumed, so it is necessary to charge and cast a Maximizer in order to activate four times. If you do it with four charges in the boss lap, if you can not fire and be defeated by other people, it is necessary to reduce the time in two or three times. In the case of the boss lap, you may have to remove the magic canon and make a combo with only fall and nemesis. 🔴 In the screen display, it is consumed MP0, but the activation is MP0, and the MP700 is consumed when firing. 🔴 Up to 5 shots. It should be, but sometimes there are more time logs. Hat? 🔴 It is powerful to attack with the weakness attribute of the enemy, but it is not an attribute or if the enemy is non -attribute, the power will be lower. The mode is Artemit and 24 million HP. In this case, you can get a log because you can’t beat it with one combo. It seems that some people defeat them with one combo. The party is the wall NPC of another character, and the unicorn gundam pilot and pet bannages. (1) Impact → ② Priere → ③ Fall → ④ 〆 Nemesis → ⑤ Charging → ⑥ Maximizer → ⑦ 〆 Magic Canon → ⑧ ⑧。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。 About 14 million in total? ✳️ The “Meetia Light” in the log is the name when the art -type fall is fired with a light attribute weapon. Something was the last Nemesis damage, and it was not critical. After entering the above -made damage in the Excel of the free viewing app, ✳️ Magic Cannon is a log that is probably fired five shots and magic pursuit occurs one by one. ✳️The Nemesis was not critical in the latter half of the latter half, so if it was critical and simply 1.5 times, the Nemesis smaller was 10.29 million damage, and the overall total damage was 19.9 million. Still, the HP of the dark dragon Alte is 24 million, so it has not yet arrived. ✳️ I am not yet familiar with “attacking” or “magic used”. In fact, it’s better not to make a long combo, right? Is it more damaging if you divide the combo short and attack in a normal time, right? Well, this time, I had to activate a lot, so I enjoyed a long combo. However, it was very easy, so it is a secret to think that I left it as it was ( *’ *`) 🔻 It is a original video of the information that I wanted to blow off the dark dragon’s HP with One Combo. By the way, in the above survey, the result of fighting the dark dragon of the dark attribute with the light attribute and the light attribute magic equipment equipment is ↓ The attribute of the back and the magic tool is used as a fire attribute equipment that is not related to the weakness. Damage will be reduced! About half σ ( ̄  ̄ ̄lll) Is 220,000 pursuit? The status was written only int & DEX. The weapon is an attribute cane from the flow of the story. The power of Magic Cannon is terrible but unknown. Is the main attribute cane, the sub is an attribute magic tool, and the body equipment is also attributes? Do I have to make my body an attribute? Should I do it? I don’t know ヽ ( ̄ ▽  ̄) ノ The reason is that it is a wonderful firepower, but I have no time to cast the burst four times in preparation. While burst, the other firepower defeats the boss. It is better to increase the number of times to activate Nemesis. For the new skill list, remove the magic canon and try to add a magic skill “Surgery Barrier”, and the storm for collecting summer shells from SLV5 to 10. But it’s good. Even if you have only a total of 4 slots in total, you can do 4 million damage comparable to a total of 8 slots, even if you have a short game, you can have hope.

[Torum] Ashura type fist 4 slurry clurse accurate Finau & clinic Nemesis Build [Game live] At first I hit the Finau. Ashura was assembled in the combo, so it wasn’t necessary to use Ashura first. It is OK with the destroyer → Brave → Priere combo. It will be quite rough, but it will be the current fist of fist. To be honest, it’s very cheap. Nevertheless, high damage. Equipment constructed various patterns can be assembled, and the degree of freedom is high, chestnut …

I saw an article about “Resonance / Concentration” of Lv210 registered Lv210 register. Fumufu, a job that makes a sub weapon a magic device is a magic job, so it will not be a confirmed critical unless you set it to CRT rate +400. As you can increase the CRT rate with this “resonance / concentration”, you will be able to equip an attack -up crysta instead, so it will increase the firepower. Click here for the source → Here


Coefficient 10 +SLV10 × 2 +Magical tool Silk S 15 = +45? The resonance and concentration of registered tallets is 90%Down in SLV1, probably without Down in SLV10. So, in SLV1,+45 × 90 ==+4.5 patch. It is a great reward skill if you do your best and raise the SLV. Puriative game (*´ ・ ω-) b It takes time for a cute hand back+magic job, but I would like to collect drops as much as possible if you have the opportunity. It takes time for a cute hand and magic job, but I would like to collect drops as much as possible if there is a chance.