“To protect the laptop that came back …”

* The 102nd bullet is a “laptop case”

Notebook purchased as a desktop computer spare machine in late August

Since the SIM slot of the personal computer does not open, it will be repaired

I told you what you did.

It was repaired in about a 크레이지슬롯 week and came back, so in the SIM slot

SIM has been inserted and the Internet is connected.

In addition, even though it is a spare machine, it is thought that it will be brought to staying in a car or accommodation.

Because it is, I decided to buy a “laptop case” for protection.

I did it.

I was going to buy gold shache -money at a consumer electronics retailer, but the type

I decided to search in Rakuten Ichiba after all, so I purchased it.

The product in the photo below.

The mouse or PC stand can be stored with an outer pocket

It was almost a prompt decision because it was 1680 yen within the budget (2000 yen).

(By the way, I ordered a PC stand yesterday.)

In September, it will gradually cool down, so we plan to stay in the car and

I want to bring this laptop.

I’m sorry today.

OPPO’s latest smartphone “OPPO RENO7 A” was released on June 23. The “RENO A” series is a model developed for Japan, and “Reno3 A” and “RENO5 A” have been released since “RENO A” released in October 2019, and the cumulative shipments have been cumulative so far. Million units. Moreover, the new models are going to sell, which sells. [See color variations and examples] Oppo Reno7 A, the fourth installment, is a mid -range model that supports Osaifu -Keitai and waterproof and dustproof, and is handled by many stores and businesses. Among the telecommunications carriers, au, 인터넷카지노 UQ Mobile, Rakuten Mobile, and Y -Mobile. MVNO (cheap SIM) includes IIJ MIO, Aeon Mobile, Goo Simseller (OCN Mobile ONE), BIGLOBE Mobile, Mineo, etc. In addition, it can be purchased at electronics retailers, Amazon, and Rakuten Ichiba. OPPO opened the official online shop on June 16, but the price at the shop is 44,800 yen. The catch phrase of OPPO RENO7 A, which is likely to gain popularity this year, is “crush, long lasting.” The recital held on June 16 showed a beautiful design and a performance that is hard to deteriorate as a feature of the new model. What is the usability you care about? Can the camera be taken beautifully? I have the opportunity to touch the new model as soon as possible, so I would like to introduce the realistic comfort.