SHUNGO BACCARAT LIFE (Baccarat Life) Method and actual results

• 1 Event / Festival
• 2 volunteers
• 3 collections
• 4 statements / news
• 5 Examination / study
• 6 language
• 7 live band
• 8 cancer
• 9 Nursing care
• 10 Real 코인카지노 estate

It’s over …

The key … Don’t save it! absolutely!

I saw a professional spoiler.

Hagukin looks like a rare …

Hagukin did not come out

As the number of medals has increased

Zolde’s Kisekae Kagami

Kisekae of Kiragold

Demon King’s Jewel

Gold jewel

I changed it to.

The slime jewel is pending (because it was Zessica’s proof ☆ 3 …)

I used Kisekae Kagami immediately. 。

Oh, oh …

It’s just black. 。

It’s not good to look cool if it’s black.

I also made the strongest Araune that I had planned because there was plenty of medal.

Mandra 15 bodies

22 tomatoes

Total 3700 sheets

Oh, I didn’t need to replace it because I 온라인슬롯 left a lot of S Araune.

S seemed to be good with eight bodies, so I didn’t need this much

I got it in a Kanst state, so it was really easy to make ~

It would be helpful if you could do all the past subjugation

Completion ~

Ah, cute

I was able to make it at once, so I don’t think it’s wrong

I wanted to paste the tweet of Minttea’s recipe itself, but I couldn’t search from Ameblo.

I had forgiven that it was all right even if I put it in the image before. 。

It’s pretty hard, isn’t it?

Tomato Mare and Mandra were previously made in the strongest.

The mandra did not fall too much and Araune was compromised with 444, so it was finally refreshing!

I wonder if I will make the Bomber tribe at the exchange. 。 。

This is only B, and 44 and 444 are the strongest.

by the way

I will do the same for example today

Oh oh oh

Ahhhhhh ~~~

I received it! I received it!

I received everything!

Saitei I would be Saite! (Omitted by General Blue)

Ah ~ I don’t like it anymore ~

But I still have macaroons …

Hazelnuts and tropical cream macaroons

Delicious ~~

The casino circumference has been settled down, so I will resume the collection of Fools.

And it is said that the egg ranch overflows again with the eyes of the glance and the super squares of Hao Zan. 。