“Local gyoza day weekend”

To conquer local gyoza

This year’s goal


I’ve already eaten

The remaining is Fukushima’s disk gyoza

Mie Tsugyoza

Utsunomiya Gyoza in Tochigi

Miyagi Aoba Gyoza

Fukuoka Iron Pot Gyoza

Chiba White Gyoza

Hamamatsu gyoza in Shizuoka

Is it so much?

If you have a local recommended gyoza

Please tell me (^-^)

Because the momentum doesn’t stop because it’s Nani

It’s a solo drinking

This 2 weeks

I don’t drink with anyone ~ (T. T)

It’s a remaining evening drink

Hanakin’s night, of course

Sprouts Yaki pork & Tsugyoza

It is Tsujoza made by Yamashin.


━ ━━━ ヽ (゜ ∀ ゜) ノ ━━━ !!!!

I like this ~

We have won the award in many B -1 Grand Prix

The outside is crispy, the inside is juicy

Tsu -gyoza made by 바카라 Yamanobu

It seems that you can buy it from here

I miss drinking in Mie Prefecture

I also ate Tsugyoza

It’s been 5 years ago

Time passes quickly

Grilled salmon

I bought a small salmon for lunch

I don’t even make something other than the princess salad lunch

Why did you buy a mystery

Because the expiration date was expired the day before

I baked it for the time being

Doubt the sense

A competition with an unmatched salad

Guhas σ ( ̄. ̄ ノ) ノ

The white hose I got from my junior

Gubigobi with dark eyes

Even though I am preparing for a medical examination on Monday

What are you doing

The next Saturday

I drink lunch while watching Matsuko

Lemon tero

I’m relieved to watch Matsuko ~

Fater than me (≧ ∀ ≦) ← Poor personality

Steamed chicken & cocktail salad

Strategy to cheat with colorfulness

Thermon culch & wakamore

If orange and green

Eun -ya? It’s like …!

Otted chicken skin & taste ball

Chicken skin can be fried, baked or boiled

It’s an excellent ate

If you drink 4-5 cups, the light yoppa is ready

Proceed to the second party

Raw ham cheese & smoked pistachio

This raw ham cheese

What I bought at Seijo Ishii


Royal Lochonagar

To Kobe Tartan’s coaster

I tried raising the tension with the Baccarat glass

Immediately, being attacked by sleep

Sleeping with Korean draga

3 hours

Because I was waking up by the princess who came back from work on holidays

Please lightly one dish

Salmon avocado & steamed chicken

How to cut avocado … no,

Everything is rough and Suman

It looks good today

Premonition that it is likely to be withdrawn

In the refrigerator

Because there is “Aoba Gyoza”

Let’s make it a local gyoza day today!

Where do you like gyoza?

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